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Space Supernova
Malin Makes Music
Original Tunes
malin makes music tunebook.jpg

Written and compiled by Malin, a piper, fiddler, & small pipes maker from the

Isle of Skye

Stars at Night
NE Irish Tunebook

Rowan Leslie compiled this book of more-recent tunes + introduces you to their composers

Pink Sky
A massive list of
tune books
Sheet Music

Compiled by Charlie Seelig

Get ready to fill up your

tune book library reeeal fast :)

The Waltz
the waltz book.jpg

Bill Matthiesen is up to 4 at this point. This is a pretty standard collection to have

Abstract Paint
The Portland

This collection of tunes is a

go-to for musicians learning contra/trad tunes

Star Formation

"The world's largest source for music publications"

the session.jpg



Find tunes, find sessions, join discussions, discover tune history, find track listings for recordings, & more!

Sheet Music

A list compiled by

Charlie Seelig

Not to be redundant, but just to cover even more bases, this magnificent compilation of tune resources is excellent




You'll find a very wide selection of tune books on their site for purchase. During your search, you can also narrow it down to preferred folk genre!

Accordion Outdoors

MFC Tune


Peruse each year's tunes from the last  10+ years - you'll find sheet music and recordings from lots of traditions!

Classic Violin



A website for those who write tunes in the Scottish trad style to publish their music! So cool!

Lisa Ornstein's list of Quebecois resources

Look here to broaden your Quebecois tune repetoire, find trad camps, dances, organizations and more!

Quebecois Sheet Music - Google Drive

A large folder of  sheet music for popular Quebecois tunes, compiled by Steve Fry

Maggini's violin



A boatload of  popular Quebecois tunes can be found on this site - including midi files if you prefer to learn by ear!



Welcome to the virtual repertoire of SPUDS, Philadelphia's contra dance pick-up band. I've been using this resource since I was a teen....


Session Notes

To accompany the Virtual Sessions hosted by Tune Supply, here is a resource for tunes, leaders, themes, and dates w/ links to OG broadcasts

irish trad music archive.jpg

Irish Traditional

Music Archive

A digital archive FULL of recordings, books, manuscripts, and images. It's packed with information and I imagine it's taken a LOT of work to compile!

A few balfolk tunes-

Sheffield Eurosession

Sheffield Eurosession, which has now moved their welcoming session onto Zoom, has a few regularly-played -unes listed on their website!

Folk Tune


Created and maintained by Joe Wass, all you have to do is type in a few notes, a title, or just browse by key.


Orginal Tunes

by Rodney Miller

Rodney Miller, the esteemed fiddler and tune writer, has created a new tune book full of original tunes + accompanying recordings.

After completing a gofundme fundraiser, the book is finally ready for purchase. Woohoo!

rodney miller.jpg

Now Available for Order!

Tune Book

The Harpweaver

by Maeve Gilchrist

With a release date of October 2020,

this new tune book for harp (though, all are welcome, I'm sure!) will be accompanying the drop of a new album by Maeve Gilchrist. 

maeve gil harpweaver.jpg

Available now!

New Tune Book

Tunes Collected II 

by Liz Carroll

Presenting Liz Carroll's most recent collection of original tunes - you'll find sixty jigs, reels, marches, hornpipes and strathspeys  (some unrecorded), photos, manuscripts, tune tales, and more within these pages

tunes collected ii w liz carroll.png

Available Now!

Tune Book

Last Leaf

by Danish String Quartet

Maybe you're looking for a tunebook of  trad/original tune arrangements for a few instruments -- look no further than "Last Leaf." You'll find an assortment of brilliant Nordic trad/O.G. tunes for 4 parts

last leaf tune book.jpg

Available Now!

Tune Book

The Cassel Collection

by Hanneke Cassel

Featuring 36 original tunes from Hanneke Cassel's first three albums, this tunebook is a must-have for Hanneke-fans! Plus you'll find basic chords to accompany the tunes!

Available Now!

Tune Book

Swedish Fiddle Tunes

by Rowan Piggot

This tune book is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in Swedish tunes -- whether they're new to the genre or a seasoned Swedish tune player!

Note - To order internationally, use Amazon

Available Now!

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