Nils  Reads Stuff Out Loud

8:15p EST


Reading by Nils Fredland

Location: FB Live

The Miller Library's

Virtual Silent Reading Party


Produced by The Stranger

Location: Zoom

9p EST

Edinburgh International Book Fest

A huge inventory of archived videos from the 2020 fest!

The Moth


Virtual storytelling events + lots more on their website!


A space to share humanity's stories to build connection

Poetry Anthology

from The Telling Room

Their first generalized poetry anthology!

Mouse Circus

Neil Gaiman's website for younger readers - free content

Neil Gaiman's

"cool stuff"

Free content from Neil's website!

Goodnight with


Dolly Parton reads bedtime stories + more content

The Incompleat

Sound Operator

Ridge Kennedy's new book for tips on running live sound

Humans of

New York

Interviews with thousands of

people from the streets of NY



Offering virtual storytelling events! (link goes to FB)

The Telling 


A space to support and empower young writers!

Taika Waititi leads a read-a-long of "James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl.
The first of 10 installments, all available on YouTube!
Put together as a fundraiser to benefit COVID-19 charities!

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