Public radio has had an incredibly positive impact on my life.
So much energy, often unpaid, is gone into making good radio. I want to highlight a few stations that have made my life so much richer! They all stream online, so give 'em a listen!




KEXP-90.3 FM-Seattle, WA

Masterfully curated radio shows, epic in-studios & public gathering space


KCRW -89.9FM - L.A., CA

News/Music. All of the best bands stop at KCRW for in-studio gigs!


WGBH-89.7 FM-Boston, MA

They respond to emails (always a plus), journalism & music, plus folk tunes

106.1 ckjm.jpg

CKJM-106.1 FM-Nova Scotia

A regional station featuring  French & Acadian trad/contemporary music, news, and more!


WXPN-88.5 FM-Phila., PA

Broad range of music, great in-house concerts


WMPG-90.9 FM-Portland, ME

Community run, great variety of music

folk alley.jpg

Folk Alley

24/7 streaming

Folk Music Radio

folk notebook.png

Folk Music Notebook

24/7 daily internet radio featuring a plethora of folk of all sorts!!

Fog and Nature

Country Dance Music



Features out-of-work musicians that have played for social folk dance settings (contra, English Country, ceilidhs, etc.)


The English Folk Show

w Alex Cumming

Here is a 2 hour radio show, hosted by Alex Cumming, full of his favorite (and possibly your future favorite) English Folk Music!

Airs on Sundays at 2p-4p EST

Hiking in the Highlands

Traveling Folk

w Bruce MacGregor

This weekly show on BBC Scotland, is full of trad/folk music and conversations with musicians. This is a wonderful resource for expanding your knowledge on folk music!

Airs on Thursdays at 5p EST

Sky Full of Light

The Folk Show

w Mark Radcliffe

This weekly show on BBC Radio 2, explores the wide range of traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic music from around the UK and the world, with regular interviews and live sessions.

Airs on Wednesdays at 5p EST

Stormy Skies Over a Lake

Us Folk

w Chris Darling

A weekly folk show provided by WMPG 90.9 FM

Airs on Fridays from

8:30a-10:30a EST

Mountain Peaks

Classic Folk

w Mike Norris

A weekly folk show provided by EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society) out of London, UK

Fog and Nature

North by Northeast

w Paul Wells & Sidekick Sally


Tune in to WMPG (avail. on radio and online) on Wedesdays from 8:30a-10:30a to hear a smorgasbord of traditional music from North America and Canada!


All the Traditions

Vermont Public Radio


A folk and world music radio show hosted by Robert Resnik.

Lots of highlighted VPR-listening musicians, guest hosts, and updates on local shows and new music!

Sundays - 7p