Public radio has had an incredible impact on my life.
So much energy, often unpaid, is gone into making good radio. I want to highlight a few stations that have made my life so much richer! They all stream online, so give 'em a listen!




KEXP-90.3 FM-Seattle, WA

Masterfully curated radio shows, epic in-studios & public gathering space


KCRW -89.9FM - L.A., CA

News/Music. All of the best bands stop at KCRW for in-studio gigs!


WGBH-89.7 FM-Boston, MA

They respond to emails (always a plus), journalism & music, plus folk tunes

106.1 ckjm.jpg

CKJM-106.1 FM-Nova Scotia

A regional station featuring  French & Acadian trad/contemporary music, news, and more!


WXPN-88.5 FM-Phila., PA

Broad range of music, great in-house concerts


WMPG-90.9 FM-Portland, ME

Community run, great variety of music

folk alley.jpg

Folk Alley

24/7 streaming

Folk Music Radio

folk notebook.png

Folk Music Notebook

24/7 daily internet radio featuring a plethora of folk of all sorts!!

belfast flying shoes.jpg

Belfast Flying Shoes
Radio Hour

on Belfast Community Radio

This show highlights the many roots & branches of the contra dance music world!
1st Friday of each month - 6pm EST

traveling folk.jpg

Traveling Folk
w/ Bruce MacGregor

on BBC Radio Scotland

A weekly showing exploring the latest in trad & folk music + convos with the artists! 
Wednesdays - 5pm EST

mark radcliffee bbc radio 2.jpg

The Folk Show
w/ Mark Radcliffe

on BBC Radio 2

A weekly show that weaves thru the wide range of trad & contemporary folk & acoustic music from UK/the world
Wednesdays - 5pm EST

north by northeast.jpg

North by Northeast
Paul Wells+Sidekick Sally

on WMPG 90.9 FM

Listen to a smorgasbord of traditional music from North America and Canada

Wednesdays - 8:30am-10:30am EST

efdss radio.jpg

Classic Folk
w/ Mike Norris

A weekly folk show featuring trad and contemporary folk music out of London, UK!

alex cumming better.jpg

The Folk & Acoustic Show w/ Alex Cumming
on WMFO Radio

The very best in folk, acoustic and traditional music from the UK and beyond!
Fridays 1pm EST

the folk show hannah cumming.jpg

The Folk Show
w/ Hannah Cumming

on Lyme Bay Radio

A weekly show full of trad/contemporary folk music!
Live on Sunday - 8am EST
Replay on Tuesdays - 12pm EST

chris darling.jpg

Us Folk
w/ Chris Darling

on WMPG 90.9 FM

A weekly folk show full of trad and contemporary music 

Fridays - 8:30a-10:30a EST

robert resnik all the traditions.jpg

All the Traditions
w/ Robert Resnik

on Vermont Public Radio

A folk & world music show with guest hosts that highlights VPR-listening musicians! 
Sundays - 7pm EST