Stars in the


with Julie Vallimont

Described as a "podcast for comfort and community" and hosted by Julie Vallimont, the podcast offers community submitted art and writing, and will bring warmth and joy into your home!

horne section podcast.jpg

The Horne

Section Podcast

w Alex Horne

What do you get when you add musical and comedic improv *and* games?

You'll never guess. It's.................


the bluegrass situation.png

The Bluegrass



Look here for a collection of podcast centered around music and it's creators.

Jump in and start exploring!

basic folk podcast.png

Basic Folk


w Cindy Howes

Basic Folk centers around meaningful conversations between Cindy Howe, a radio show host and music curator and world folk musicians

off menu.jpg

Off Menu 

with Ed Gamble &

James Acaster

Guests enter "the dream restaurant" within this comedy podcast and chat about their most favorite full course meal & of course there's a genie/waiter to grant all their food-related wishes!

endless honeymoon.jpg

The Endless



Natasha Laggero & Moshe Kasher (2 comedians) candidly host w/ occasional guests, offering unprofess. advice to/roasting callers & airing anonymous secrets left by listeners. Rated: Raunchy


Foot Stompin'



Features over 190 episodes full of all sorts of new Scottish trad/folk releases! 

You'll also find that HandsUpforTrad is a great resource for trad culture!

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Folk On


Launched by BBC exec Matthew Bannister in 2018, this podcast combines his three passions- "folk music, walking, and telling stories in sound." 

staying in e and k.jpg

Staying In with


& Kumail

Join Emily & Kumail as we all navigate The Weirds together! Comforting, supportive, comedic, & entertaining!

New episodes will correspond with how long the 2020 pandemic continues.

the blarney pilgrims podcast.jpg

The Blarney



"A weekly journey into the heart of Irish music."

For in-depth discussions and tunes in the Irish tradition, turn this podcast on!



w Ian A Anderson

Discover folk, roots, and "unpop" music (especially what you might not hear on a conventional radio station) on this delightful music podcast!

(produced by fRoots)

irish music stories podcast.jpg

Irish Music

Stories Podcast

w Shannon Heaton 

This is a listener supported podcast that steps into the world of Celtic Traditions and delves further into this space, leading to wonderful conversations with Irish trad performers of all sorts!

the rolling wave rte radio 1.jpg

The Rolling


RTE Radio 1

Join in for an exploration of Irish trad (old, new, and in between) through conversations and music. Each episode is a selection of featured segments from the weekly radio show.

play it like its music podcast 2.png

Play It Like

It's Music


The tagline is "Music is not content, it's connection!" Join Trevor Exter as they explore this idea through conversations spanning genres, experiences, culture, history, and more!

the art of asking everything podcast.jpg

The Art of 

Asking Everything

w Amanda Palmer

A recently released podcast (9/20), Amanda Palmer participates in vivacious conversations with  creative and thoughtful people!

i want you to meet jasmin faulk.jpg

I Want You

To Meet

w Jasmin Faulk

Host, Jasmin Faulk, hosts this podcast centered around conversations with artists, activists, and humans that live their lives "fully through authenticity and affirmed identities."

cuddle club lou sanders.jpg

The Cuddle


w Lou Sanders

This podcast is about cuddling.

Best cuddles, worst cuddles, cuddle technique, the guest's cuddle history, and then the podcast ends with a cuddle.

British cuddle = a US's good hug

julie v.jpg


with Julie Vallimont

Hosted by Julie Vallimont - "...we will be attempting to take the pulse of contra music today through a series of conversations...[with'...prominent contra musicians from all corners."

above the basement podcast.jpg

Above the



Join your hosts Chuck Clough & Ronnie Hirschberg as they meander through the music of Boston, connecting listeners to musicians of great wonder and talent.

you made it weird w petey.jpg

You Made It


with Pete Holmes

This has been one of my favorites for years. Pete has had SO many wonderful guests. Expect thought-provoking chats on love, god, comedy, sex, and general weirdness. 

HOME film podcast.png



Thru HOMEmcr

Take a deep dive into the most recent film releases, hear discussions on the movie industry (especially during the pandemic), and discover the next film to watch at home!

home cooking.jpg



w/ Samin & Hrish

Home Cooking is a mini-series podcast "to help you figure out what to cook -- and keep you company -- during the quarantine." Get inspired!

get up in the cool podcast.png

Get Up In

the Cool w/

Cameron DeWhitt

Jump into a rockin' (new to me) podcast with Cameron DeWhitt, as they host conversations and join in music collaborations with some of the most phenomenal trad musicians around.

endless thread.jpg



thru WBUR

Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson & Amory Sivertson and produced by WBUR (Boston), this podcast "delves into reddit's communities," to uncover some of the internet's most interesting stories

river of suck.jpg

River of


w Andy Reiner

Hosted by Andy Reiner, with guests, this podcast focuses on the creative process and all of its' many challenges/rivers of suck. 

the birthday game podcast.jpg

The Birthday



Guests come on to guess the age of celebrities celebrating birthdays during the week of recording. The winner wins a cake. It's a meaningless game to get annoyingly invested in :)

tiny desk 2.jpg

Tiny Desk



Sometimes I don't want to sit around watching endless youtube music vids. Enter the audio for the Tiny Desk Concerts! Absolutely fantastic shows!

risk pod.jpg



This is a storytelling podcast that you could categorize as an R-rated version of The Moth. You'll find all sorts of stories -- comedic, dark, emotional, hopeful....