Here are just a few other  opportunities to support musicians

during the current pandemic (and beyond)!


Music Fund

This project centers around the goal of music becoming a more accessible and equitable venture. Click below to learn more and help support this project!

Hands Up

For Trad

A project that creates/promotes fundraisers, trad music videos, virtual events, trad sessions, radio shows and podcasts, and SO much more

Send Love to


CDSS has created a wonderful directory to help support musicians, callers, singers, and sound technicians while many are out of work.

Local 1000 FM

Covid Resources

This is a massive list of information for traveling performers, as well as info on how to support said performers. Seriously a great resource!

The Ministry

of Folk


A space to find teachers for virtual lessons, festivals, relief funds/tips, virtual concerts, and more.


by Club Passim

The PEAR (Passim Emergency Artist Relief) Fund has been providing truly necessary monetary relief for artists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art Is Alive

"...a solidarity effort aimed at providing resources, spreading awareness and building connectedness."  "...helps connect fans to artists" during covid-19.


Artist Fund

The main goal of this fund is to raise money for the performers of the Tune Supply Mini Concert Series, periodically avail. on YouTube. Next one is 10/8!

Flower Arrangement 5


Stars at Night

Stars In the


To support the "Stars in the Rafters" podcast, hosted by Julie Vallimont, and help it stay sustainable, consider becoming a patron!



As a patron of "this new and growing project," you'll receive secret exclusive content i.e. videos, music downloads live streams, messages, etc.) 

Starry Sky



Help support the org., trad Scottish scene, gain access to patron-only posts, behind-the-scenes activity, support young musicians, etc.

Mountain Range



Trad Quebec Studio-

Join this new Patreon to gain access to educational videos focusing on the learning on trad tunes from Quebec!


The East


Join TEP's patreon to be a part of their Bookclub Social during this time of virtual participation. Live chats, merch discounts, exclusive content...

Trad Cafe

(Neil Pearlman)

By joining the community, patrons may receive mp3 downloads of shows, ask guests questions, gain access to archived livestreams, & more!



With just one universal tier, Charlie offers instructional videos (min. 2 a month), jam sessions, occasional live vids, and other member benefits!

Autumn Leaves



Patreons gain access to weekly videos, downloadable tracks, exclusive patreon workshops, private lessons, and more!

Tropical Shapes

The Phonograph 


Irish tune lovers, rejoice! Join this Patreon to gain access to all sorts of videos, tunes, audio recordings, tutorials, music history, and more!



Patrons enjoy benefits such as monthly fiddle tune kits, recordings, sheet music, tune arrangements, chord charts, and other fun perks!

Tropical Leaves



By supporting Andy, patrons are offered tune collections, workshops, exclusive vids, gear recs, lessons, podcast bonus content, and so on!



As a patron, gain access to exclusive online Q&As, early access to online events, Logic breakdowns, and more!

Snow Capped Mountains


Harris Ceol

Patrons gain access to exclusive weekly fiddle videos, lessons, bowing technique and other fiddle tips, and more!


With your support, patrons can gain access to exclusive audio downloads and posts, pictures, art, concert admissions, merch, joy, and more!



Unlock patron-only posts, including audio recordings, videos, and more!



Join the Patreon to support Rowan as they create their new podcast, "Making Tracks." Patrons will also receive exclusive music!


Support Musicians

Creators continue to look for new and more effective ways to reach out to supporters, while also making sure that they can stay monetarily afloat. Here are some alternatives to platforms like Patreon, where the intent is to avoid additional fees or "cuts" getting pulled out of community contributions.

SEP Club

(Seamus Egan Project)

The Seamus Egan Project's new form of monthly subscription-based support! Supporters gain access to exclusive content, discounts, Q&As and more!

Clifton Hicks-

Subscribe Star

Banjo-lovers, rejoice!

Check out this new platform and if you enjoy what Clifton Hick's creates, consider becoming a supporter!

Moira Smiley

"Sing About It"

Moira Smiley has begun their own subscription-based support program. Join for access to tutorials, witnessed practicing, exclusive content, sales, & more!

Jake Blount


Jake Blount has just released their new subscription service for music lovers and learners! Subscribers will receive exclusive tracks/content, lessons, and more!