More Resources

The Cosmic

Shambles Network

"...creates and curates podcasts, digital content, and live events for people with curious minds"

Here's a direct link to their youtube channel with a ton of interesting and well-conceived content!



"A collective of email discussion lists that connect those passionate about trad dance, music, and song"

 Click below for the "Dance Musicians" mailing list - for dance musicians + those interested in trad social dance music!

Covid Freelance

Artist Resource

"designed to serve freelance artists, and those interested in serving the independent artist community."

Just one of many wonderfully helpful links, click below for their Social Activism page!



"The voice for Folk/Roots/

Trad Music, Dance,

and Related Folk Arts"

This site has a TON of resources and offereings.

Here's a link to their list of

Online Music Communities!!

Institute of Musical Traditions

IMT's goal is to "preserve and promote American & international folk traditions" & supports new music creators!

Melodic Planet - an educational video project for the purpose of exploring world music!  



Look here for all sorts of music related opportunities - virtual lessons, musical gifts, virtual sessions, and more!

Perhaps you have a tune that you'd like recorded by a pro-musician - maybe to send as a gift or to help in your practice!

Hands Up

For Trad

Look here for all sorts of music, trad projects, podcasts, events, resources, youth initiatives, fundraisers, and more

I can't recommend this organization enough. Here's the direct link to their resource page.

The Bluegrass Situation

"The world's largest community for American roots music, culture, and lifestyle."

BGS's Black Voices Page is full of amazing resources on black creators of all genres and focuses.



Into the mandolin? Then you might want to click below - discover forums, new music, instruments, tips, news, events

Hop over here for the Classifieds section of the website covering ALL sorts of instruments, trades, lessons, etc.

Folk Alliance


A space to connect a worldwide community of folk educators, leaders, and supporters.

Get access to all sorts of webinars covering such topics as live-streaming, social change, consumption trends, etc. 



A folk news and listing resource in both print and online filled with articles, tunes, sessions, projects, & so much more!

Folklife has created a magnificent resource for those interested in virtual sessions, especially singing events. Take a look around!

Sound Exchange


"resources for music creators during the coronavirus outbreak" - you'll find a wide host of funds for artists

Scroll down further for information on insurance, tax rebate info, how to access PPP and more

The Ruby

out of SF

A multipurpose space that has gone virtual for the time being - creative skill shares, political organizing, community support

The Ruby is offering all sorts of upcoming virtual events - zine making, book-writing, discussions, and more! 



Look here for wonderful resources around virtual acoustic music lessons featuring all sorts of incredibly talented musicians!

Click below for a direct link to Peghead Nation's string school courses



A Swedish music/dance non-profit full of music sessions, virtual events (in Swedish, mainly) and more

I discovered Folk You's sessions on YouTube a few years ago. I think they have an awesome mission and lots to offer!



A thoughtfully created, window & door-opening website full of life, culture, ideas, art, and musings.

Created by Maria Popova - this space is run purely on love and donations. Click the lightbulb to offer support for this project!

English Folk


This org is COOL. So so COOL!

Look here for new music,  livestreams, artist mentoring, performance advice, etc.

Follow the link below to view an array of UK performers to support & listen to while at home!



"The best free cultural & educational media on the web."

And that is NOT hyperbole. 

This site is packed to the gills!

I tried to pick one thing to highlight. And I just couldn't make a decision. Seriously. Get ready to be overwhelmed with awesome.

Virt. Shrewsbury Folk Festval

This happened in August 2020 but there's lots of content still available (as of 9/13). Take advantage of the workshops!

Many of the videos are also available on their YouTube channel. There's too many options to list - have fun exploring!

Dance Pandemic List Links

A Country Dance Resource haven! Look here for all sorts of info, tips, dances, virtual events, music, and more!

I can't narrow this down to one thing to highlight! Click above or below to explore what this site has to offer!

Online Calendar

by Ken Mattsson

This live calendar involves a plethora events - centralized around social connections, concerts, and other events

Ken has several other sets of resources on their site, including a calendar completely devoted to ukulele events! Check it out!


The Country Song and Dance Society is a leading org. in the support and preservation of trad/folk arts & culture!

Click below to go directly to their HUGE Resource Portal. There's lots of explore of their website, and here's just one element!

Folk Radio


One of the biggest UK folk websites - creating online radio, reviews, interviews, mixtapes, ft. new releases, etc.

Look here for all of the music reviews that you could possibly handle, and then some....



Located in Belgium, this org is a production company (audio, video, photography), label, and a live-stream resource

This is one of the most distinguished spaces to record. & during the pandemic, they've been doing wonderful live streams!



24/7 streaming folk music!

Find streams, playlists, previous session vids, reviews and lotttts of music!

In addition, they've got a youtube channel with lots of wonderful video performances to enjoy :)

World Music


"Your connection to traditional and contemporary world music, including folk, roots, ethno and global fusions"

Many musicians may not be touring, but lots of new music is still being created. Click the lightbulb for recent reviews!

Folk Music


Self-described as "a virtual folk festival, 24 hours a day," listen here for all of sorts of programs full of brilliant music

During COVID-19, this project's revenue stream is on hold. If you'd like to support their efforts, click the lightbulb below!



Take a peek at this website for info on lessons, forums, classifieds, media, new music, and more!

On the "Lessons" page, you can find SO MANY resources for virtually getting started + find teachers! So cool!


of Folk

Look here for online sessions, festivals, new music, musician resources, tunes, concerts and SO MUCH MORE! WOOOO!

Here's a quick link to the MoF's Resource page - tips & tricks, archives, virtual lessons, artist relief funds, and more!

John C. Campbell Folk School

A space focused on offering workshops for adults on craft, art, music, dance, and more, out of North Carolina.

The Folk School is offering all sorts of wonderful workshops and virtual events this fall. Click below for more info!

The Social Distancing Fest

An ongoing collection of art of all sorts and genres, highlighting amazing creators during The Weirds

This fall, this will be a resource for finding livestreams throughout the internet!



Find all sorts of tips and advice for instrument care/playing, sessions of all genres, shop, get a subscription; the list goes on!

Here's a quick link to their "How To" section - find shared personal experiences, history, music theory, marketing advice, etc.



Find new releases, world music lesson plans, articles, reviews, follow musical tours, purchase albums, etc.

Do some historical music research, find lesson plans, and more on their "Learn" page