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Featured Teachers

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Virtual Lessons for Actual Change

"Professional musicians volunteer to teach their skills in a collective effort to raise funds for the advancement of racial justice. World class musicians offer one-on-one virtual music lessons and send 100% of the profits to organizations working to end systemic racism, such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Color of Change."

Featured Organizations

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Featured Events

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5 Things...Inside the Dancing Mind Of

The Superpower of Women - Moving the World from Me to We

Tuesdays - A regular series

Thru The Historical Tea & Dance Society

9p EST

terry pratchett mural.jpg
Magical Mind: The World of Terry Pratchett 

"Join Neil Gaiman, Rob Wilkins & Rhianna Pratchett online as they explore the Discworld Universe"

Tuesday, Nov. 17th

Thru The Senate House Library

1p-2p EST

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Chris Thile

Join the magnificent mandolin player Chris Thile as he explores the art of listening, writing, and performing!

Oct. 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8

Thru Mandolin.com

2p EST

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John Luther
Adams Livestream

Learn about what it's like to live in the woods of Alaska while composing music and living with other creators...& more!

Tuesday, Nov. 24th

Thru Town Hall - Seattle

9p EST

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African Traditions
in American Roots Music

Join Jake Blount, Brandi Pace & Joakim Lartey for a thoughtful and educational conversation

Sunday, Nov. 15th

Thru Fall 2020 Catskill Conversations

2p-4p EST

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Epic Skill Swap
Winter - 2021

A full day of attendee-supported skillsharing and community!

Sunday, Feb. 21st

Thru Epic Skill Swap - VT

An All Day Event



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