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Artists are continuing to design and create marvelous pieces of art, often with the hope (rather than the expectation) that those that appreciate and enjoy what they make will support them. As the pandemic continues

& gigs continue to be canceled and postponed, musicians need more support than ever!

(As do some of our most beloved venues!)

If you enjoy what you're watching & listening to, consider sending a donation, buying a new album, joining a musician's monthly subscription program, buying some merch, attending one of their live-streams...there are lots of ways to show the love! Just push the hearts by each video for an option or two!

Thank you so much!!


Neil Pearlman ft. John Suntken
"The Long Way Home" by Lillie Pearlman

Check out this really cool and funky new release out of TradCafe with its creator, Neil Pearlman, and drummer, John Suntken, as they musically explore a tune written by Neil's sister, Lillie Pearlman.

Song Around the World 2020
"Higher Ground" (by Stevie Wonder)

Groove out and sing along with this "Playing for Change" video from 2020, with over 20 musicians from around the world connecting through song!

Lena Jonsson Trio

"Unless/The Tobogganist"

A great trio of musicians covering a great quartet of musicians! Here's a new video from the Lena Jonsson Trio covering tunes by Hawktail, a band that makes my heart explode with musical delight.

Aoife O'Donovan

"Transatlantic" feat. Kris Drever

A beautiful new song written by Aoife O'Donovan and commissioned by the Irish Arts Center.

Plus some ethereal fiddling by Jeremy Kittel!

"Scottish de moulin"

This page has mostly been filled with post-pandemic videos but that's not stopping me from sharing this one....

Just watch and you'll find out why

#toogood #balfolkrulez

Resistance Revival Chorus

singing "Ella's Song"

After attending The Daily Antidote of Song (a free, welcoming daily sing at noon) on MLK Day, I heard this song for the first time. I recently heard the RRC perform with Robin Pecknold, and was excited to find this recording and share it!

Aoife O'Donovan & Chris Thile

"Fairytale of New York" (The Pogues)

A lively cover, performed by Aoife O'Donovan (Crooked Still, I'm With Her, Sometymes Why) and Chris Thile (Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek, Goat Rodeo Sessions, Live From Here) from their shared December 2020 concert


"Ocean Bed"

Join the Boston-based band, Darlingside, for a Distantly Social Session full of their gentle harmonies, pulsing rhythmns, and folky goodness.

Portugal. The Man

"Who's Gonna Stop Me" feat. Weird Al Yankovic

Released Oct. 12th (Indigenous Peoples Day), this new project was created in collaboration with The PTM Foundation - "a platform for artistic collaboration between materialist culture, the arts, and indigenous paradigms."

Jeff Tweedy


A new single and a new music video by Jeff Tweedy to enjoy during The Weirds!

I had a lot of fun trying to recognize the guest performers.


playing "In the Kitchen"


Absolutely phenomenal super-group of brilliant trad musicians playing the most lovely music and you can catch a wonderful

glimpse of that in this vid

Deep Sea Diver

ft. Sharon Van Etten

The first time I saw this band a few years ago, I was *immediately* hooked. Indie rock meets grunge meets amazingness. Plus, this new track features Sharon Van Etten, who is also absolutely sublime. 


sung by Sam Amidon

Here's new single off of Sam Amidon's new album, whch is set to release in Oct. 2020. This track is hauntingly delicious.

The album is available for pre-order now! 

Sleeping On My Dreams

by Jacob Collier

Quick question -- who's the real star of this music video --

Jacob Collier


his rainbow crocs?


singing "Anything"

Dodie has this gently powerful, delicately complex vibe that doesn't feel totally comparable to other musicians. She's like....the opposite of Bjork? Idk.

Give it a listen if ya feel like it :)

André Brunet 

Okay, so I admit it, this video is not new; it's a few years old.


So I'm posting it anyway. EEEEEE ENJOYYYY

Noah Fishman

and friends

2 original tunes by Noah Fishman, recorded in Sweden.

Ft. Ida Meidell Blylod (violin), Samuel Lundh (mandolin), and Simon Nyberg (12-stringed guitar)

Live Wire

A hoppin' Philadelphia contra band playing He Chased Her Till She Caught Him, a tune written by Sarah Gowan (she's the badass human playing guitar)!

Joy Compass

Joy Compass is a thrillingly emotive and energetic band from Maine, consisting of Clara Stickney and Jamie Oshima.

Check out the gloriousness!

Everest Witman

& Thierry Clouette

Driving, exciting, and mesmerizing playing from these two

= one fantastic video.

Hopefully they'll make some more!!

George Jackson ft. Jake Blount
"Town's End")

Here's an original tune written by George Jackson after a visit to Port Townsend, WA. It's a departure off of his album "Hair and Hide," released 10/29/21.


The Faux Paws

"Road from Winchester"

A fresh video of the Faux Paws, featuring "Road from Winchester," off of their new album that will likely be released at some point in 2021.

I'm looking forward!

Lissa S., Brittany & Natalie Haas

"The Scolding Wives of Abertarff/Were Totally Justified"

"After years of being frustrated by demeaning or sexist tune titles in traditional music, Lissa Schneckenburger decided to compose some updated ones to add to the traditional canon."

3 of my favorite trad musicians creating musical magic!

Moira Smiley & VOCO

"Sing About It"

From the 2021 release of "In Our Voices" by Moira Smiley & VOCO, watch this brilliantly animated video of a powerfully performed song "for when the violence of white supremacy and information silos sit very close." (-video caption)

Grégoire Pearce

"Grüve for Orchestra" (Spring)

Grégoire Pearce composed this piece to accompany a short animated film called "Spring." It takes great skill and awareness to produce such an emotive piece of art, which in turn helps thread the images together!

Jacob Collier

"All I Need" ft Mahalia

Jacob Collier and his isolation band (get ready for the cinematic magic) performed for The Tonight Show with Mahalia. Oh and NBD, he's been nominated for

3 Grammys (and has already won 3). Dude is 26. EPIC.

Mountain Man


A video piece from Mountain Man's recent virtual concert provided by NoonChorus.

So. Gorgeous.

Elsie & Ethan

"Stay with Me"

Elsie Gawler and Ethan Stokes Tischler perform a song titled "Stay with Me," written by Ethan. A beautiful love song with gentle harmonies that pour of your speakers little warm milk.

The Wilderness Yet

"A Bruton Farmer"

You know that feeling when you're like, "gosh, I'm in the mood for a really good murder ballad"? Well lookie here! The Click play to hear to be moved by wonderful music

+ a murder acted out in shadow puppets!

Brian Finnegan

"Flow, In the Year of the Wu Wei"

I loved when this single was released, AND NOW THERE'S A VIDEO PEOPLE. THIS IS COOOOOOOOL.

Brian Finnegan, a member of the world-renowned band Flook, stuns the ears with whistley-goodness

Lake Street Dive

"Making Do"

Featuring a new song and video by the acclaimed Boston-based band, Lake Street Dive. Exploring themes of social unrest, climate change, and unfathomable uncertainty, this driving song is full of thoughtfulness and strength.

Fleet Foxes

singing "Jara"

Fleet Foxes just released a new album at the end of September, called Shore.... YAAAAAAY!

Here's my favorite track so far from the new album.

This Is the Kit

"This is What You Did"

A new single from This Is the Kit's album!

Release date- Oct. 23, 2020

A banjo/sax/folk musical fusion!

National Youth Folk Ensemble

playing "Canny Hobby Elliot" & "Andrew Carr's"

After a summer zoom session, the National Youth Folk Ensemble, based out of England, created a few new arrangements to share some of what they'd learned!

Stand Steady by Alex Sturbaum 

ft. a community of singers

This socially distant sing-along was produced in tandem with a huge fundraiser to support essential workers, health services, and policy + advocacy work in July 2020

Lisa Hannigan

ft. Loah

A deeply moving performance by Lisa Hannigan, with harmonies offered by Loah. I happened upon this video by accident, and what a happy accident it was!

Rhiannon Giddens

ft. Yo-Yo Ma

A stunning new composition by Rhiannon Giddens,

posted on Juneteenth, 2020

Goat Rodeo Sessions

ft. Aoife O'Donovan

Presenting a haunting and mesmerizing new music video by Goat Rodeo Sessions. One of my favorite music-listening experiences is when it feels like you can hear each musician responding to each other. Worth a listen or 3.

Dan Faiella & Audrey Budington

Titled "Kinetic," this track left me with music goosebumps.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Dip & Sway

by Elsie Gawler

Delicate vocals with a supportive chorus of singers and gorgeous photography

Produced by Dylan Ladds