Folk of Dimes
Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Join Flock of Dimes for a comfy musical hang with some of their musical friends, including artists from Mountain Man, Sylvan Esso, Bon Iver, Dr. Dog, and more!

Flock of Dimes has been on my "You should listen to this band" list for ages and this is such a wonderful intro to their music!

Ross Ainslie & Tim Edey

2020 summer gig

I just discovered this virtual concert from July 2020 AND IT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME.

With Tim Edey's inventive and high energy guitar playing and Ross Ainslie's musical badassery, this duo is not to be missed!

Plus, the gig starts with some giggles b/c of a unique bicycle that distracts them. Adorable.

Nava's Live Concert

@ the Philly Folk Fest

Nava explores the interweaving of Irish and Persion traditional styles to create something, well, AWESOME.

Back in August they performed within the Philly Folk Fest's virtual weekend, and the full concert was debuted onto YouTube in October. Turn it up!

Maestro Bistro #6


Maestro Bistro #6 boasts an incredible line-up - Pascal Gemme, Liz & Dan Faiella, McKinley James & Anna Patton!

As the fall rolls in, grab something warm to drink, and cozy up to some delightful tunes.

Produced by Maine Fiddle Camp - check out their website for future shows/workshops

Norah Jones -

Tiny Desk @ Home

Here's Norah Jones with some new tracks off of her brand new album, Pick Me Up Off the Floor."  If you're new to the Tiny Desk series, this is a marvelous concert to help get your toes wet.

Jacob Collier-

Tiny Desk @ Home

Jacob Collier absolutely blew me away with this amazing collection of songs, performed by himself and 3 of his clones. I don't know how many times I've watched this video. And once you start here - don't stop. You'll find a wide range of J.C. videos on youtube - live-streams, music vids, masterclasses, etc.

Hanz Araki & Bethany Waikman in concert

The tour for Hanz Araki's latest album, "At Our Next Meeting," was planned for early 2020. Plans changed, so now we have an awesome opportunity to view 2 musicians beasting it on their respective instruments in virtual concert!

Click below for the Virtual Tip Jar!

Mike Block 

Staff Concert 2020

The Mike Block camp series runs each summer in Florida, and hires some of the most wonderful traditional musicians from around the world. This year (2020), camp moved online and they offered the final concert online for our delight!

Sudan Archives
via KEXP sessions

Sudan Archives is a wildly creative musician and singer who initially picked up the violin to learn some fiddle tunes. And after mainly self-teaching herself to play, she went on to meld traditional, classical, and more contemporary genres into something completely her own. And it is COOL.

Johnny Flynn

& Cosmo Sheldrake

Just when it seemed like concerts could start picking up again in the UK this fall, they went back into lockdown. So Johnny Flynn & Cosmo Sheldrake switched gears and made a recorded concerts for viewers, as a fundraiser for Help Musicians. Click below for details on how to support this cause!


-The Amqui Session-

Featuring music mainly from "Formations," Hawktail's latest album release from earlier in 2020, this session was recorded at the Amqui Session in Maddison, TN, and funded by Whippoorwill Arts. A full-on Hawktail performance for our delight!


Casey Murray & Molly Tucker

hosted by BACDS

Casey Murray and Molly Tucker are both phenomenal musicians based out of the Boston-area. Here they are, offering an evening e-concert through BACDS (Bay Area Contra Dance Society). Click below to access their Facebook duo page!

Banjo House Lockdown

Ep. 1

1 of a handful of episodes created by musicians Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn and their kid as they play, sing and hang out together. A really wonderful collection of videos!


Live Concert Film

WITH is a live concert and documentary of EPIC proportions. This incredibly brief tour included members of Sylvan Esso and Mountain Man and the fact that this is still available on YouTube is a gift, IMO.


Sylvan Esso:

Tiny Desk @ Home

I love Sylvan Esso's original 

Tiny Desk performance, so getting a 

second one in the 

Time of Corona

feels like a generous little gift.

É.T.É. Homegrown Concert

thru American Folklife Center

É.T.É. is a trad band from Quebec that I fell musically in love with a few days ago when they performed at Vermont's New World Festival in Randolph. Their music is inventive, captivating, and full of life!

So glad they're being featured through the Library of Congress. Take a listen!

Amanda Palmer

live in Hawke's Bay 11/14

Amanda Palmer was on tour in NZ when the covid-19 pandemic locked down the country. Now living there for the time being (originally from the US), she's still out and about, playing emotional and music-packed shows (their lockdown worked and covid is quite minimal) and creating art!

Concerts for No One: Chapter One

Caitlin Warbelow + Chris Ranney

Caitlin Warbelow (fiddle) and Chris Ranney (keys) are creating "concerts for no one"  (though virtually, for all of us!) in their favorite spots in the Alaska wilderness! Take a peek at the first chapter, and get excited for chapter two, airing live on 

October 16th, 2020!


E-Concert on YouTube (9/6/20)


Lunasa did a fabulous live-streamed concert in September, and I missed it. It was a pleasure to find that the recording had stayed up on YouTube! Not sure how long it'll stay up, so take advantage while you can!

Lisa Hannigan

from home

Produced by Duncairn Virtual Cabaret, this performance of Lisa Hannigan is one full of deep-flowing melodies and emotions. There is a wealth of previous performances by Lisa Hannigan - click below for another favorite.

Rhiannon Giddens:

Tiny Desk @ Home

I have been loving the "at home" versions of Tiny Desk performances and this is a great addition to the series!

See for yourself!

Earth Day 2020


The Nest Collective is an organization in the UK with the mission of "bring[ing] people together to experience extraordinary music in unforgettable places, rekindling connections with nature, tradition and community."

They continue to produce many other virtual concerts - check out YouTube for more.

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