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Reoccurring Virtual "Social" Dances

**Arrows for this week's (1/24) events

Wood Panel
Nashville Country Dancers

1st/3rd Mondays 8:30p EST

Wood Panel
Bloomington Contra

Wednesdays 9p-10p EST

Wood Panel
Lake City Contra

Thursdays 10:30p-12a EST

Wood Panel
Greenfield Virtual Contra

4th Fridays 7:30p-9:30p EST

Wood Panel
Atlanta DistDance

Fridays 7:30p-9p EST

Wood Panel
London Barndance Contra

2nd Saturdays 3p-4:30p EST

Wood Panel
NBCDS Waltz Parties

Saturdays 10p EST

Wood Panel
Mt. Airy Barn Dance

1st Sundays 2p-3p EST

Wood Panel
Syracuse ECD Online

2nd/4th Sundays 7p-8p EST

Wood Panel
ECD Atlanta DistDance

2nd/4th Mondays 7p-9p EST

Wood Panel
Mt. Airy Contra Dance

1st/3rd Thursdays 8p-9:15p EST

Wood Panel
Glen Echo Virtual Contra

2nd/4th Fridays 8:30p-9:30p EST

Wood Panel
Scissortail Virtual Dance

4th Fridays 8:15p-10:30p EST

Wood Panel
Toronto ECD Zoom Dance

Fridays 6:45p-9p EST

Wood Panel
All Hands In Zoom Contra

2nd/4th Saturdays 7:30p-8:45p EST

Wood Panel
BACDS - Odd Sundays ECD

1st/3rd/5th Sundays 4p-5:30p EST

Wood Panel
BACDS Hayward Contra

4th Sundays 6:45p-9p EST

Highlighted Dance Events


Global Terminology

& Positional Calling

For English Country Dancing

A 3-part series - 1/23, 1/30, 2/6

Led by Brooke Friendly


The Blues


Jan. 30th - 5p-8p EST

Led by Katrina Rogers

Hosted by Blue Kat Blues Dance

Callers Skillshare

& Social

Feb. 7th - 11a-12:30p EST

Led by Lisa Heywood

All a welcome 

Free, must register

A tour of English

Country Dancing

March 19th - 7:30p EST

A video presentation on ECD thru the last few centuries

Thru CDS Boston


Online Events

A great resource for all sorts of online dance, music, social, webinar/panel events (and more)!

Rhythm and Dances from the East

Jan. 27th - 2p EST

Led by Koen  Dhondt

Thru Frisse Folk

Virtual Midwinter

Ball 2021

Jan. 30th - 7p EST

Music from Bandemic

Calling by Janine Smith


Virtual Ceilidh

thru Oxfolk

Feb. 12th - 3p EST

Music with Brown Boots

Calling by Erin Mansfield

Thru Oxfolk

ECD Style &


Wednesdays - 9p EST - weekly

ECD Style & Technique class

Led by Renee Camus

History of Blues,

Soul, & Funk

Jan. 27th - 7p-8p EST

Presented by Kenneth Shipp

Thru the Dance Flurry

5, 8, 11 Waltz &

Variations Workshop

Jan. 31st - 4:30a EST

Led by Koen Dhondt

Thru Frisse Folk - will be avail. for later viewing - 4:30a is early!

Virtual Bal


Feb. 14th - 2p EST

Music by

Duo Vandenabeele Knapen

Thru Frisse Folk

Wednesday Walkthroughs (ECD)

Wednesdays - 1p- weekly

Led by Louise Siddons

Thru Scissortail Traditional Dance

Casey Murray

& Molly Tucker

Jan. 27th - 7p-8p EST

Tune in to FB Live for some marvelous dance music!


Virtual Fusion Dance

Eclipse: January

Jan. 31st - 7:45p EST

A virtual fusion dance led by

Teresa Schubert with guests DJ's including Alyssa Adkins <3

Virtual Bal


Feb. 26th - 3p EST

Music by

Les Bottines Artistiques

Thru Frisse Folk

Cape Breton

Step Dancing

Led by Melody Cameron

Thru Vimeo - On Demand

Virtual & accessible for all dance levels

At Home Dance Parties


Learn the


Join Jake and Anna, thru the London Barndance Contra, as they virtually teach how to dance the Schottische.

The LBC channel is doing monthly lessons like this on different dances!


Irish Ceili workshop

w Jerry O'Reilly & Rosie Davis

Irish Ceili Workshop for couple (or solo!) dancing -- offered by The Whitby Folk Week at Home 2020!

Easy to follow and dance along with!


Cardio Party-o

w Emily Rush

One of the first screens says-

"It's gonna suck. Love you!"

Which is kinda true, but the music rules and it might just be an incentive to give this a go......maaaaybe....


Homebound Ceilidh

w Sam Lee -The Nest Collective

Homebound Ceilidh with Sam Lee & Ceilidh Liberation Front and produced by the Nest Collective. Donations can still be sent to performers through the Nest Collective!


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