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Reoccurring Virtual "Social" Dances

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Wood Panel
Nashville Country Dancers

1st/3rd Mondays 8:30p EST

Wood Panel
Bloomington Contra

Wednesdays 9p-10p EST

Wood Panel
Lake City Contra

Thursdays 10:30p-12a EST

Wood Panel
Greenfield Virtual Contra

4th Fridays 7:30p-9:30p EST

Wood Panel
Atlanta DistDance

Fridays 7:30p-9p EST

Wood Panel
London Barndance Contra

2nd Saturdays 3p-4:30p EST

Wood Panel
NBCDS Waltz Parties

Saturdays 10p EST

Wood Panel
Mt. Airy Barn Dance

1st Sundays 2p-3p EST

Wood Panel
Syracuse ECD Online

2nd/4th Sundays 7p-8p EST

Wood Panel
ECD Atlanta DistDance

2nd/4th Mondays 7p-9p EST

Wood Panel
Mt. Airy Contra Dance

1st/3rd Thursdays 8p-9:15p EST

Wood Panel
Glen Echo Virtual Contra

2nd/4th Fridays 8:30p-9:30p EST

Wood Panel
Scissortail Virtual Dance

4th Fridays 8:15p-10:30p EST

Wood Panel
Toronto ECD Zoom Dance

Fridays 6:45p-9p EST

Wood Panel
All Hands In Zoom Contra

2nd/4th Saturdays 7:30p-8:45p EST

Wood Panel
BACDS - Odd Sundays ECD

1st/3rd/5th Sundays 4p-5:30p EST

Wood Panel
BACDS Hayward Contra

4th Sundays 6:45p-9p EST

Highlighted Dance Events



& Variations

Feb.  Sun. 21st & Wed. 24th

A 3-party workshop over 2 days, thru Frisse Folk

(Videos will be recorded)

Virtual Bal


Feb. 26th - 3p EST

Music by

Les Bottines Artistiques

Thru Frisse Folk

Country Dance


March 4th - 7:30p

Led by Margaret Bary 

& Chip Prince

Thru CDNY on Zoom

The Evolution of

Country Dances

March 7th- 6p EST

Led by David Millstone

Thru NM FolkMADS


Virtual ECD

March 15th - 8:30p EST

Music by Supertrad

Calling by Cathy Hollister

Bal Digital

w Trio Dhoore

March 26th - 3p EST

Music by Trio Dhoore

Thru Frisse Folk

via YouTube & FB Live

Green Geometric Shapes


Online Events

A great resource for all sorts of online dance, music, social, webinar/panel events (and more)!

Atlanta DistDance

Virtual ECD

Feb. 22nd - 7p EST

Music by Reelplay

Calling by

Joanna Reiner Wilkinson

The Raccoon


Feb. 26th - 10p EST

An evening of contra, community music, & a fundraiser for the Phinney Neighborhood Asssoc.

Lake City Virtual

Contra Dance

March 4th - 10:25p EST

Music by Casey Murray

& Molly Tucker

Calling by Emily Abel

Lake City Virtual

Contra Dance

March 11th - 10:25p EST

Music by Countercurrent

Calling by Wendy Graham

Mt. Airy Virtual

Contra Dance

March 18th - 8p EST

Music by Box & String Trio

Calling by Dave Rupp

Green Geometric Shapes

ECD Style &


Wednesdays - 9p EST - weekly

ECD Style & Technique class

Led by Renée Camus

Vernacular Dances of England-1650-1700

Feb. 24th - 2:30p EST

Thru the Library Lectures series


Fiddling Frog


Feb. 27th - 5p EST

Music by Force of Nature

Thru Fiddling Frog

Dance Festival

ECD Caller


March 6th-5:30p-7p EST

"Working with the Band"

Led by Joanna Reiner

& Karen Axelrod

Bal Digital

thru Frisse Folk

March 12th - 3p EST

Music by Broes

Thru Frisse Folk

via YouTube & FB Live

Lake City Virtual

Contra Dance

March 18th - 10:25p EST

Music by Glen Loper

& Bethany Waikman

Calling by Christa Torrens

Green Geometric Shapes

Wednesday Walkthroughs (ECD)

Wednesdays - 1p- weekly

Led by Louise Siddons

Thru Scissortail Traditional Dance

Lake City Virtual

Contra Dance

Feb. 25th - 10:25p EST

Music by Sam Bartlett, Eric Schedler, Jonathan Whitall

Calling by Meg Dedolph

Concert & Contra

thru BACDS

Feb. 28th - 7p-9:30p EST

Music by Kendall Rogers &

Katie Geringer

Calling by Mary Wesley

Mt. Airy Barndance

Family Dance!

March 7th - 2p EST

Music by John & Tom Krumm,

Sarah Gowan, Bill Quern,

The Mohr family + Clare Maher

Online Workshop

& Virtual Bal

March 13th - 11am-1p EST

Offered by Bal Feirste

& Jacqueline Frazer

A Tour of English

Country Dancing

March 19th - 7:30p EST

A video presentation on ECD thru the last few centuries

Thru CDS Boston

Green Geometric Shapes

Cape Breton

Step Dancing

Led by Melody Cameron

Thru Vimeo - On Demand

Virtual & accessible for all dance levels


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